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Why Choose

Automatic incident and alert escalation

Configure generic escalation schemes to automatically send alert and status messages to the right people at the right time.

  • Four basic incident steps: open, acknowledged, resolved and closed.
  • If needed, define more steps using arbitrary escalations delays.
  • At each step, send E-Mail, SMS or voice messages to your team members, or call external URLs.
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Your DevOps team will know what goes on

Consolidate and manage status reports and alert messages of all of your monitoring systems in just one tool.

  • Register your team members and define your services and escalation schemes.
  • Create separate projects for different teams if needed.
  • Never again miss critical alerts and downtimes!
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Optimize your uptimes and satisfy customers

Just-in-time incident alerts help you to rapidly recognize and fix problems occuring at your online services.

  • Know technical incidents before your customers do.
  • Use a combination of message types like voice, SMS and E-Mail to definitely reach your DevOps in critical situations.
  • Get immediate response when someone works on or fixes a problem.
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Features & Benefits

Strong data privacy and security

Both our services and our third-party providers are located in Germany or nearby in Europe. Your critical company data is thereby protected by strong privacy laws and regulations and does not leave the EU.

Reliable SMS alerts

Replace your current SMS provider service for your alert messages by our high availability SMS services. is an all-in-one-tool that will send high-speed SMS to your incident response team members.

Unlimited E-mail messages

Send as many E-Mail alerts as you like, even with our cheapest plan! For this very basic form of alerts you may use our integrated E-Mail services

Easy integration

Integrating in your monitoring tool is as easy as calling a web URL or sending an e-mail. You may link our REST or MAIL API into any available local monitoring system (like Nagios, Icinga) or third-party monitoring service (like dynatrace).

Intuitive interface

We do our best to keep our tool lean and intuitive. That makes it better usable and cheaper for you. You will not need to look up many pages of documentation to get it up and running - just start immediately!

Pricing per account, NOT per user

With, you do not pay per user, but per account. So you are free to decide whether to add or remove users, without any impact on your costs.

Use voice calls for critical incidents

For some incidents you might want to reach DevOps even if they are in bed... Just use voice calls! will not give up and let the phones ring until someone takes the call.

Project/team support allows you to create so called projects as distinct entities for organising team members, escalation schemes and services.