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Nobody loves incidents. This is why helps you to detect any incident as fast as possible.

If you have a complex IT-system, you know that from time to time bad things happen. This is, why you have a monitoring system (you don't? Let us help you!).

We provide you with easy means to have incidents reported immediately to you. You want your co-worker, your customers ... to be notified? We're there to do it for you.

All you need to do, is to integrate your monitoring solution to

Managing Incidents

You can configure to send mails, text messages, phone messages on every new incident.

Every incident is directly alerted by one of these:

Example Incident By Mail

Example Incident By Text

You can control incidents from your incident screen:

Main Screen for Incident

You have several possibilities to deal with incidents:

  • You can acknowledge incidents.
    While this does not mark them as resolved, you provide a signal to others that this incident is being worked at.
  • You can resolve incidents manually.
    This will mark the incident as being solved, so business may proceed as usual.
  • You can close incidents.
    Sometimes, an incident requires additional effort to be done after resolving it. You can mark this milestone by closing an incident.

If you have resolved an incident, mail like these are send:

Example Incident Is Resolved By Mail

As you sometimes don't want to resolve or close each incident, you can choose to have that done for you. We'll come to this later.

Advanced Incident Management

The incident screen provides you with a solid overview on the current state:

List of Incidents

You can even have a complete history for each single incident:

History of Incidents