This privacy statement is applied for all services in the scope of the Internet service, which the JonDos GmbH (hereafter called "JonDos", Äußere Bayreuther Straße 59, 90409 Nürnberg, Germany) yields for the customer.


All services of JonDos underly European data privacy laws. For providing its service, JonDos uses only third party providers which also underly European privacy laws. When data about the customer's incidents or alerts needs to be exchanged with third parties, JonDos sends this data only to partner companies that underly Germany privacy laws.

For marketing purposes and for personalizing and optimizing of services, JonDos is allowed to collect and save data about the customer, about the devices and networks he uses and about his behaviour on the web site, and also to store cookies in the customer's browser.

For this purpose, JonDos may include one or more tracking and analysis services of third party providers on the web site.

The customer may always opt out of this data collection by setting the do-not-track header in his browser.

The customer may use under a pseudonym. In this case, however, he is not qualified for getting a personalized invoice with correct address and name.

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